The leaders of the Municipal Federation of trade unions go deep into the green power to carry out the cooling and condolence activities.

Since the beginning of summer, the weather in our city has been hot and muggy, in order to protect the health and production safety of the front-line workers in enterprises, the City Federation of trade unions leaders came to the production site of our company to carry out the "cool summer" consolation activities, in the hot summer for the front-line workers to send cool and healthy. On July 24, 2018, the chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions Guan Yongjun and vice-chairman Wang Dezhou, together with some of the leading groups of the Federation of Trade Unions, went deep into the greenery power supply to carry out the cooling and consolation activities. They inspected the working conditions of the enterprise and the working environment of the workshop, cordially consoled the staff who were firmly in the front line and sent drinks, towels, wind oil and other summer defense activities. Summer products, for the workers in the high temperature operation, send the care of the "mother's family". During the consolation, the leaders of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions inquired about the production and living conditions of the workers, and instructed the enterprises to take care of the workers, to implement various measures to prevent and cool down the heat, so as to ensure the normal operation of production. It is reported that the city's trade union leaders will carry out every summer to send cool visits to the activities of consolation, through the first-line workers presented with Anti-summer cooling supplies, strengthen the humanistic care of workers, to create a harmonious and stable atmosphere.


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